It's Here! Chris Odom's Physical Computing & Robotics with the Arduino IDE - Volume Two!

Online Class for the DC motor Robot

$100.00 $75.00

Live interactive online classroom environment for robotics and electronics. 

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To schedule a brief online conference regarding the class please E-mail Brian Patton 

This online activity meets for approximately 60 minutes 2 times a week for 6 weeks. Each grouping is limited to a total of 8 students. Each student will be required to have a robot kit, web cam and microphone (headset preferred). Student groupings are preferred to be within a local geographic region so as to arrange opportunities for a end of class competition. Classes of less than 4 students will need to be rescheduled until a minimum of 4 students is attained. Please check the calendar and E-mail Brian Patton for availability prior to purchase.