It's Here! Chris Odom's Physical Computing & Robotics with the Arduino IDE - Volume Two!

Brian Patton has a diverse background of both education and experience. As a way to pay for his degree in Environmental Science from Purdue University he owned and operated Affordable Auto Arts in Roanoke Indiana. Upon graduation in 1988 Brian got a job as a research technician at the Krannert Institute of Cardiology. It turns out that the job was offered to him not because of his degree but rather because of his mechanical experience owning an automobile repair and body shop. While doing research at the Krannert Institute Brian was responsible for the understanding and operation of several highly technical pieces of research equipment including the Flow Cytometer, Laser Scanning Microscope and Confocal Microscope as well as sterile technique and cell culture. Brian was also part of a small team of doctors who developed and patented various medical devices and therapies.

In 1995 Brian accepted a position at Brisol-Myers Squibb(BMS)in Princeton NJ.  There he was responsible for bringing in new technologies to the department of cardiovascular research as well as maintaining high quality mammalian cell cultures. It was during this time at BMS that he had an opportunity to develop his passions and skills in electronics, robotics and computer science by assembling custom configured  cell assay equipment and data analysis.

In 2003 Brian joined Robodyssey Systems to help develop their educational products. In 2006 the first of Brian's inventions relating to Robotics was issued  and he began his teaching career at Princeton Friends School. In 2014 Brian has left both Robodyssey and Princeton Friends School to launch his company Patton Robotics LLC.