It's Here! Chris Odom's Physical Computing & Robotics with the Arduino IDE - Volume Two!

NRF24L01 + 2.4GHz RF Wireless Transceiver Module


To see a short video of the RxTx pair in action, visit the George School Robotics YouTube Channel.
Code examples can be found here: Link to Transmitter code. Link to Receiver code.

NRF24L01 is a single chip radio transceiver for the 2.4 - 2.5 GHz ISM band. The transceiver consists of a fully integrated frequency synthesizer, a power amplifier, a crystal oscillator, a demodulator, modulator. Programmable through a SPI interface. Current consumption is, only 9.0mA at an output power of -6dBm and 12.3mA in RX mode.
Maximum operating speeds up to 2Mbps.
Low-power 1.9 ~ 3.6V, only 1uA on Power down mode.
Built-in 2.4Ghz antenna.
Notice: Transceivers integrated module , transmit or receive can not be simultaneously by one module.