It's Here! Chris Odom's Physical Computing & Robotics with the Arduino IDE - Volume Two!

Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board

$6.50 $5.50

Cool cheap and easy. What more could you want?

These guys are based on the L298 Dual H Bridge. They can drive up to 2 amps per bridge. they work on 5 volts logic and kick it in up to 36mAmps in logic current. They can run motors from 5 to 35 volts and 25 watts. I personally use them for about everything! they can safely handle a range of DC motors and work equally smoothly with steppers. They are designed for bipolar steppers but work just fine with a range of unipolars if you just ignore the commons. 

As you know, I hate searching for cables so I pack these with 6 wire ribboned 10cm wires. 2x6 position hoods, 2x4 position hoods, 2x2 position hoods and 6 gender changer pins. That should give you enough choices to easily wire these babies to your project.

If you need 20cm wires, just send me an E or add it to the request upon ordering...I'll switch them out